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Raise funds for your school with custom t-shirts

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO & PTA) Fundraising With Custom T-Shirts

DesignAShirt understands the significance of fundraising for schools and the essential role PTAs play in supporting education. With the help of DesignAShirt, setting up an apparel fundraiser is easy and hassle-free. One fantastic option is a school t-shirt fundraiser, which can help you achieve your fundraising goals with minimal effort. 

All you need to do is provide a fun design (which we can help you with), set a price, and promote the shirts to potential customers. Whether you target students, relatives, alumni, or other members of your community, DesignAShirt provides free marketing materials to help with promotion. Additionally, you get to keep 100% of the profits from your Parent Group apparel fundraiser! Submit your no-obligation quote request today and see just how easy fundraising can be.

How To Setup A School Fundraiser With Custom Apparel

Choose from a variety of high-quality apparel styles and brands, expert art design, free delivery, and free marketing materials to ensure your school fundraiser is a success. You can easily set up your next school fundraiser with these 5 steps. 

  1. Select the school apparel products you want to sell.
  2. Upload your school's artwork in our Design Studio, choose from hundreds of customizable templates, or have one of our expert designers create a custom-themed design for your school – completely free of charge.
  3. While we are creating your order, our team can create free personalized marketing tools including social media images, digital flyers, and print-ready marketing materials.
  4. Once your order has been printed, we ship your completed order to you, fast!
  5. Promote your school fundraiser using your all-new marketing materials and high-quality merch. You keep 100% of the profit, making this an easy and profitable fundraiser for your school or organization.

Pro-tip: Download our FREE printable worksheet with tips for improving your school's PTO & PTA fundraising efforts. Download now.

PTO T-Shirt Fundraising Cost and Profit Opportunities

To understand the potential profits of selling personalized school t-shirts, it's helpful to visualize your opportunity with our cost and profit infographic. Let's say the cost of producing one shirt is $10, including the cost of the shirt itself, printing, and any other associated expenses. The school could sell each shirt for $20, generating a $10 profit per shirt.

If your school sells 100 shirts, you would earn a profit of $1,000. If you sell 500 shirts, you would earn a profit of $5,000. These profits can add up quickly and provide the school with the funds needed to support various initiatives. View our chart below with real pricing examples of school t-shirt fundraising costs and profits. You can see how variables in product and print style can influence your school's campaign.

T-Shirt Fundraising Cost & Profit Infographic

If your school sells 100 shirts, you would earn a profit of $1,000. If you sell 500 shirts, you would earn a profit of $5,000. These profits can add up quickly and provide the school with the funds needed to support various initiatives. View our chart below with real pricing examples of school t-shirt fundraising costs and profits. You can see how variables in product and print style can influence your school's campaign.

Support And Fund Your School's Initiatives

Fundraising is a crucial part of supporting and financing your school's initiatives, and it is a top priority for any PTO. DesignAShirt offers a free flyer creation service to aid in this effort. This service creates flyers that can be used on social media, websites, emails, and distributed in school. The flyers are custom-designed to accurately represent the school and grab the attention of the school community. They are a powerful marketing tool that can assist in boosting sales and generating more funds for the school's initiatives. This service is only available with the purchase of bulk custom apparel, and the team of experts will help you create a professional and effective flyer to promote your custom t-shirts and showcase your school spirit. See examples below that have driven fundraising results!

Can my PTO fundraise with more than t-shirts?

While t-shirts are a popular way to fundraise, DesignAShirt has additional apparel and merch you can add to your campaign. Here are a few great options to generate school spirit and fundraise for your PTO. 

Personalized School Promo Merch

  • Custom Water Bottles
  • Custom School Pens
  • Totes & Bags
  • School Notebooks
  • Computer and Laptop Accessories
  • Custom Keychains

Personalized School Apparel

  • Custom T-Shirts (Short Sleeve T-Shirts - Long Sleeve T-Shirts - Athletic T-Shirts - Raglan T-Shirts)
  • Custom Sweaters and Hoodies (Pullover Hoodies - Full-Zip Hoodies)
  • Custom Embroidery (Embroidered Hats - Embroidered Polos)

No matter what products you choose, DesignAShirt can incorporate your school colors or school mascot into your design. Create unique apparel for school sports events or graduation t-shirts. Get started today by completing our short, no-obligation, quote form and we'll give you everything you need to make your school fundraising efforts a success!

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10 Valuable Resources For PTO & PTA Volunteers


We understand that school volunteering can be a challenging task, and that's why we've compiled a list of 10 additional resources that can provide valuable information to make your experience as a volunteer more effective and rewarding. Each link has been carefully selected to provide different perspectives and insights on various aspects of volunteering, such as organizing events, fundraising, finding volunteer opportunities, and more. With these resources, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge and support to help you navigate the challenges and make a positive impact in your school community.


  1. PTO Today - PTO Today is a website that provides information and resources for PTO leaders, including fundraising ideas, event planning tips, and volunteer management tools. They also offer a free magazine subscription for PTO and PTA leaders.
  2. National PTA - The National PTA is a nonprofit organization that advocates for children’s education and welfare. They provide resources and support for PTA leaders, including guidance on running effective meetings, fundraising ideas, and advocacy tools.
  3. VolunteerMatch - VolunteerMatch is a website that connects volunteers with nonprofits in need of help. PTO volunteers can use VolunteerMatch to find volunteer opportunities in their community or to recruit volunteers for PTO events.
  4. SignUpGenius  - SignUpGenius is an online platform that allows PTO volunteers to create sign-up sheets for events and activities. It is a useful tool for organizing volunteers and managing volunteer schedules.
  5. DonorsChoose - DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that connects public school teachers with donors who want to support classroom projects. PTO volunteers can use DonorsChoose to fundraise for specific projects or to find resources for their school.
  6. Box Tops for Education - Box Tops for Education is a program that allows schools to earn cash by collecting Box Tops from participating products. PTO volunteers can use Box Tops for Education as a fundraising tool for their school.
  7. Scholastic - Scholastic is a company that provides educational resources, books, and products for teachers, parents, and students. PTO volunteers can use Scholastic to find resources for their school, including books and classroom supplies.
  8. TeacherLists - TeacherLists is a website that allows teachers to create and share school supply lists with parents. PTO volunteers can use TeacherLists to help their school’s teachers create and distribute supply lists.
  9. Education World - Education World is a website that provides educational resources and lesson plans for teachers and parents. PTO volunteers can use Education World to find resources for their school, including curriculum ideas and classroom activities.
  10. ParentSquare - ParentSquare is a communication platform that helps schools and parent-teacher organizations (PTOs) stay connected with families. It provides a simple and secure way for PTO volunteers to communicate with parents, share updates and announcements, and organize school events. With ParentSquare, PTOs can easily manage volunteer sign-ups, send out newsletters, and create online fundraising campaigns. It's a great tool for PTOs looking to improve communication and engagement with parents.


We hope you find these links helpful as you navigate your PTO or PTA volunteer role. Let us know if you have any other resources to add to this list!